Derek Leebaert: Unlikely Heroes Book Talk

Wednesday October 11

6:00 PM

Friendship and Courage in Times of Crisis: What FDR and Frances Perkins Reveal About Confronting Political Turmoil Today


An economy in turmoil, an angry and frustrated workforce, racial injustice, war and conflict threatening from abroad: these are just some of the issues that challenged the Roosevelt administration, and we continue to face, today. Join us for a lively conversation with Derek Leebaert, author of Unlikely Heroes: Franklin Roosevelt, His Four Lieutenants, and the World They Made and Giovanna Gray Lockhart, Executive Director of the Frances Perkins Center. Discover how these leaders fostered problem-solving that led to the greatest policy achievements of the 20th century. What is there to learn from their often unorthodox, approaches to policymaking, at the center of which were deep relationships?

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